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38 supporters $17,840 raised

Until: 12/31/2018 11:59pm

Alternative Gift Market 2018

Holiday shopping is easy at AGM! We have a gift for everyone!

$2,875 raised

Until: 12/23/2018 2:00pm

StreetLeader Program Christmas Giving 2018

In an effort to celebrate our StreetLeaders and Literary Clubs this Christmas, UPT is planning Christmas parties to celebrate the students; and we are inviting our friends and family to contribute.

16 supporters $1,375 raised

Until: 09/16/2018 5:00pm

Kerri Rides 50 Miles for her 50th Birthday!

Kerri is celebrating by giving back!

28 supporters $1,650 raised

Until: 07/9/2018 5:00pm

Paddle for Promise 2018!

Volunteer Paddler/Fundraisers paddle from Trenton to Camden on the Delaware to support UPT!

18 supporters $2,075 raised

Until: 07/9/2018 5:00pm

Melissa Mantz & Luke DeBoer Paddle for Promise 2018!

Paddling for the kids!

$1,350 raised

Until: 07/9/2018 6:00pm

Doug Fitzgerald Paddle for Promise 2018!

Doug is going down the river...for the third time!

12 supporters $1,535 raised

Until: 07/9/2018 12:00am

Eugene Mok Paddle for Promise 2018!

25 miles down the Delaware in support of UPT!

19 supporters $1,250 raised

Until: 07/9/2018 7:59pm

Anthony Gilmer Paddle for Promise 2018!

I am joining UPTrenton's Paddle for Promise to raise funds for the FREE SummerCamp program serving over 100 kids in Trenton!

7 supporters $475 raised

Until: 07/11/2018 5:00pm

Eric Martin Paddle for Promise 2018

Eric is traveling down the Delaware River in an outrigger canoe to support UPTrenton Trekkers!

28 supporters $3,225 raised

Until: 07/9/2018 10:16am

Michael Lovaglio Paddle for Promise 2018

Michael is going down the Delaware in an outrigger canoe to support our Summer Reading Programs!

24 supporters $1,800 raised

Until: 12/31/2017 11:59pm


“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” R.Bennett

53 supporters $43,065 raised

Until: 12/15/2017 11:59pm

Christmas Promise 2017

Christmas Celebration for our StreetLeaders!

34 supporters $1,865 raised

Until: 05/4/2015 7:59pm

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Free, safe care for youth and teens in Trenton.