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Until: 06/30/2019 9:00pm


When the U.S. Government cut off all food aid, medical aid, and education aid to Palestinians, it hit children in Gaza especially hard. Do you care about Gaza’s Children? Here’s a solid, secure _non-governmental way_ to help — safely, with integrity, and in full compliance with all U.S. rules and regulations.

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Until: 07/31/2018 12:00am

Gaza in Colors

A interactive multimedia exhibition, with a collection of original works by Gaza artists seeking to share their humanity with the outside world!

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Until: 09/7/2018 12:00am

Light and Hope

750,000 Children in Gaza live in darkness because electricity is out 20 hours a day. Let’s help give them light!

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Until: 11/30/2017 12:00am

"Rebuilding to Remain" speaking tour with Mayor Haj Sami

The mayor of the Palestinian village of Al Aqaba, Haj Sami Sadeq, is coming to the U.S. to speak about how his community has grown into a thriving model of peace despite Israeli Army aggression, and to fundraise to complete construction on 15 homes in Al Aqaba!

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Until: 11/15/2017 12:00am

Receive Organic Palestinian Olive Oil when you give!

Canaan Palestine olive oils make the perfect holiday gift, or keep them all to yourself! We have three delicious varieties of olive oil (Rumi, Nabali, and Jenin) as well as Za'atar, a traditional Palestinian spice mix. You can choose how much you'd like to give, and then choose a gift option to select your olive oil, for pick-up at the Rebuilding Alliance office.

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Until: 10/31/2017 12:00am

Bring Palestinian Children to address Congress

For the past two years, Rebuilding Alliance has brought Palestinian children and their parents to Congress on International Peace Day to share their vision of peace. This year, they will speak about the right to plan and build their communities, and live safely and without fear on the land they own. Special guests from Gaza will ask for Congressional engagement to mitigate the manmade humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip. Congressional intervention is very effective in keeping Palestinian villages standing. Give to help make this important event a success!

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Until: 11/30/2017 12:00am

Rebuilding to Remain in Palestine's Area C

Seeking to live on the land they own, fifteen families are building houses with village-issued building permits in the Palestinian Village of Al Aqaba in the West Bank's Area C. They invested all they have and need additional funds to finish, andinternational advocacy to assure their homes remain standing. Help fund Rebuilding to Remain to provide affordable loans to finish the homes and to expand our successful advocacy. Repaid loans will be re-lent to other families to build homes and hope.

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Until: 01/31/2019 11:59pm

It's Time for Light!

Help send solar-powered lanterns to Gaza's children and put one in your window to show you care what happens to them. The blockade controls the electricity, but not the power of the sun or the power of love! Your donation will make a real difference right now. Follow us on Facebook "It's Time for Light" and Instagram "Rebuilding Alliance".

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Until: 09/25/2016 4:59pm

Palestinian Children will be briefing Congress

On Sept. 21, International Peace Day, Rebuilding Alliance will bring Palestinian children and their families from West Bank villages at risk of demolition to speak to Congress and advocate for fair representation, due process, the end of demolitions, and recognition of land rights.

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Until: 11/1/2018 4:59pm

U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

Congressional intervention is one of the most effective ways to prevent demolition of Palestinian villages. As constituents, we have the leverage to urge our members of Congress to intervene and demand fair rights for Palestinian communities to live and build on the land they own. We ask your help to fund our Palestinian Planning Rights visit to walk the halls of Congress.

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Until: 05/31/2016 4:59pm

Let There Be Light!

Please join the First Congregational Church of Palo Alto in sending solar-powered Luci Lights to Gaza's Children!

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Until: 09/22/2016 4:59pm

Boston's Campaign for Solar Lights to Gaza

Every day, families in Gaza face long blackouts which hinder children's ability to do their homework. Rebuilding Alliance, who is working to keep Palestine villages standing, is sending solar lights to Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza for Gaza's Children. Please find it in your heart to give!

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Until: 03/27/2016 4:59pm

Building Hope One Project after Another!

The Rebuilding Alliance is giving light and love to the children of Gaza, please join us in this effort, please watch the video and share!

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Until: 05/14/2016 4:59pm

Light Up Gaza with SJP UMN

As part of a larger national campaign, SJP at the University of Minnesota is helping raise money to send inflatable solar-powered lights to Gaza.

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Until: 07/31/2016 4:59pm

Give a Little Light!

Pre-clearance is now secured, we ship our first pallet next week! Donate today to raise funds to send the next pallet of solar-powered Luci lights to be distributed to children in need and their families in Gaza. We want to send a pallet a month. The next one goes to the Women's Project Center in Rafah, Gaza, and the third to the Al Basma Club for the Disabled.

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Until: 02/15/2016 3:59pm

Zaina's Gift of Light

All donations will purchase solar lights for children in Gaza, Palestine. These children lack the availability of light sources at night, resulting in the their inability to do homework and other daily necessity's that most of us take for granted. With your generous donations we will be able to supply and help these children with light sources.

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Until: 02/19/2016 3:59pm

Share Sunlight with Gaza's Children...All Night Long!

Jim Haber (me) says, "These lights are awesome!" The Rebuilding Alliance has rare success getting aid into Gaza. Their short term goal right now: to send two palettes of these small, inflatable, solar powered lights to Gaza's children in February. Customs paperwork has already been approved! Now, we need to fund it. Later, a whole shipping container full! And then an end to the blockade and stable electricity so these are just for fun (and fishermen).

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Until: 04/19/2016 4:59pm

Children and families in Gaza need light - light is love

We found that solar light can help them. See the pictures and you'll understand. Please donate 4 lights per family, each light is only $10, or you can give for one child.

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Until: 02/5/2016 3:59pm

Mona's Birthday Campaign to Enlighten Gaza's Children

I want to enlighten everyone! Help me send solar lights to a child in Gaza who wants to learn. The rolling blackouts happen daily for 8-12 hours.

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Until: 02/29/2016 3:59pm

Students Send Solar Lights to the Children of Gaza

The blockage of #Gaza is entering its 8th year, restricting the supply of electricity. This means kids have to resort to using dangerous kerosene lamps or candles to do homework. Donate to provide inflatable solar lights with Rebuilding Alliance. #LightsforGaza

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Until: 03/31/2016 4:59pm


Brighten the future of Gaza's children. The Gaza Strip experiences 12 hours or more of rolling blackouts everyday, imagine being a child and not having light in your home after the sun goes down. Rebuilding Alliance is asking you to help send solar Luci Lights to brighten the lives of Gaza's children. The Luci Light is an inflatable, waterproof, and durable lantern that is charged using direct sunlight, and supplies up to 10 hours of light. We take many things for granted, and having electricity is one of them. I am reaching out to all of my friends and family to donate for this great cause, every little bit helps! Thanks in advance for paying it forward.

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Until: 01/31/2016 3:59pm

Grannies for Gaza

I am reaching out to all grandmas and grandpas out there to donate one light for a child in Gaza in honor of each of your own grandchildren. Just $10 will give a solar powered light that will last for years to come! Please spread the word!

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Until: 03/31/2016 4:59pm

Give Gaza the Gift of Light!

There’s a way to help Gaza’s children despite the inhumane blockade, now entering its 8th year. Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip experience 12 hours of rolling blackout every day. Imagine being a child and not having light in your home after the sun goes down, having to resort to using dangerous kerosene lamps or candles to just do your homework. That's why Rebuilding Alliance is asking you to help send solar Luci Lights to brighten the lives of Gaza's children. MPOWERD created Luci, an inflatable solar light as an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation because, as they put it, life doesn’t stop after the sun goes down. We ask you to bring your creativity forward to help raise $28,880 to send the first pallet with 2888 solar-powered Luci Lights to three NonGovernmental Organizations in Gaza. Rebuilding Alliance, the U.S. Nonprofit sponsoring this effort, has thoroughly and personally researched how to get them in — it is doable! (And we've successfully sent 2 containers of school supplies and clothing). Preclearance is underway, and the State Department and a Senator and Congresswoman are standing by to help. For more details about Rebuilding Alliance visit:

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Until: 04/30/2016 4:59pm

Grandmas for Gaza

I am reaching out to all grandmas (and grandpas) out there to donate one light for a child in Gaza in honor of each of your grandchildren. Just $10 will give a solar powered light that will last for years to come. Don't forget to tell your grandchildren you honored them this way! And pass the word to others!

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Until: 09/30/2017 4:59pm

Brighten the Future of Gaza's Children

Help send solar-powered Luci lights to Gaza's children. The blockade controls the electricity, but not the power of the sun or the power of love! You can help make a difference!

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Until: 01/31/2016 12:00am

#OpenGaza: Trauma and Hope, First Hand

The U.S. speaking tour with Dr. Abu Jamei and Mr. Ran Goldstein pressed for positive peacemaking and described the important work of both their organizations. We are raising funds to keep Gaza Community Mental Health Programme's local clinics open for three more months, and to help Physicians for Human Rights - Israel extend its Mobile Clinic Program.

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Until: 12/31/2016 12:00am

Presenting #SaveSusiya at the House and Senate

Rebuilding Alliance is a coalition of people and groups around the world dedicated to helping war-torn neighborhoods rebuild and promoting policy change to make them safe. We start by partnering with Israeli and Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to help Palestinian communities rebuild.

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