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Until: 08/31/2020 12:00am

Jackie Mathews Tribute

Please donate to Nathaniel's Hope in honor of Jackie Mathews

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Until: 07/11/2020 11:59pm

Make 'm Smile Ohio Drive-Thru 2020

Help bring smiles to VIPs at the Make 'm Smile Ohio Drive-Thru

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Until: 06/6/2020 12:55pm

Make 'm Smile-fari 2020

Give VIP kids and their families an ADVENTURE! After being stuck inside with little support, special needs families need our encouragement. Give them a FREE ride through Wild Florida's Drive-Thru Safari! Sponsor carloads of smiles! Join with us today!

$13,771.68 raised

Until: 06/1/2019 11:58pm

Hero of Hope Campaign 2019

Make ‘m Smile is the BIGGEST party celebrating kids with special needs, our VIPs...of all ages! Last year we had over 40,000 in attendance, including 3,000 VIPs! All VIPs and their immediate family members are invited to attend this HUGE party hosted in Orlando, FL for FREE! The average cost to sponsor each family is $20/family. That means we NEED approximately $60,000 to host our VIP families! Would you be a HERO OF HOPE and help make this the “Best Day” for VIP kids? Here’s how you can join in with us! Sponsor a VIP family unit for just $20.00, or sponsor multiple families!

$1,910.25 raised

Until: 06/30/2018 12:00am

Guatemala Volcano Relief

The devastation is heart-breaking. Support local pastor, Abner Gomez, in serving those impacted by the volcano eruptions.

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