Dan Myers Tribute

Supporting Nathaniel's Hope

Thank you for honoring Dan Myers with a donation to Nathaniel's Hope. The Myers family have been a part of the Nathaniel's Hope family since our beginning. We are grateful for the blessing and support Dan has been to Nathaniel's Hope. We will miss him greatly but are thankful for the hope of Heaven.

Here is a tribute that Kathi wrote that we would like to share with you:

"My last post started “This is the Truth I’m Standing On…” That song has been running in my head for days now and I am still standing on that truth, but this is the post I never wanted to write.

My chivalrous, caring, generous husband graduated to heaven today. He was not only my husband, but my best friend. The only “boy” I ever loved, we started dating when I was 13 and he was 15. That was it. We just knew. Our story had many chapters and journeys, some more fun than others, but we walked them all together - hand in hand and side by side. He was an amazing husband, father, friend, and mentor.

No doubt – there will be a void in all our lives.

In the end, his body simply could not take the stress of everything it had been through over the past two years of cancer and all that accompanied it. He tried and he fought. He was at peace with his decision today. He chose to fight, but he trusted God that if it was time for him to leave this earth, he would be in good hands. He knew he was loved and respected and wanted me to share his love with all of you – and our thanks for your support along the journey.

I could write for days about how amazing he was… and maybe I will. Right now, I am clinging to the truth that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we will see each other again in heaven. He is no longer struggling to breathe… no longer fighting the pains of cancer or frustrations of treatment. I trust he is rejoicing with Timothy and exploring the streets of heaven.

The song continues beyond that first line of the chorus…

This is the truth I'm standing on

Even when all my strength is gone

You are faithful forever

And I know You'll never

Let me fall

Right now I'm choosing to believe

Someday soon I'll look back and see

All the pain had a purpose

Your plan was perfect all along

This is the truth I'm standing on

Good, I believe You're still good

Even when life's not good

I will not lose this hope

The God who parts the sea

Promises He's gonna

Make a way for me

My rock my shield my firm foundation

I know I will not be shaken

You remind me

Where my help comes from

This is the truth I'm standing on"