TraRon Center Fundraiser-Learning Pod/Afterschool Program

Learning Pod/Afterschool Program

Dear Friends of The TraRon Center,

The Mayor of Washington, DC, and the Chancellor of DC Public Schools announced that schools will be 100 percent virtual this fall (August 31-November 8) due to COVID-19. We recognize the many obstacles for parents and children during this unprecedented time. The children and families we serve have been facing two public health crises: COVID-19 and the increase in gun violence in our city.

Benia Mckinnie, who has three children who attend The TraRon Center spoke with reporter Taylor Swaak from The 74 Million:

“It’s going to be hard for me” if there isn’t someone “to sit with them, help them with their work,” said Mckinnie, a soon-to-be armed special police officer who lives in Ward 8. For now, paying for an outside service isn’t an option. “My mom and my brother, they do as much as they can, but they have their lives to live as well,” she added. “I basically do everything by myself.” Read more here.

The TraRon Center’s mission is to provide support for children and families who have trauma related to gun violence. The COVID pandemic has piled new stressors on these children and families. In addition, we know that inequity in education is one of the foundational contributors to gun violence. We want to ensure parents like Benia, who are essential workers, don’t have to choose between their kids’ education and their job. To help families like hers, we will provide a learning pod for our students this fall. And we need your help.

Please consider donating today and sharing this message with your networks. The funds collected will go toward hiring two teachers aids and providing breakfast and lunch to students, as well as buying masks and other protective equipment. Help us ensure that our children can thrive — even in a pandemic.

You have supported our efforts in the past, and we need you again. ] A $100.00 donation supports one student for a week of pod, and a $50.00 donation covers a nutritious breakfast and lunch for one student for one week.

Just as a note, we safely operated our seven-week summer camp with 13 children, with no COVID-19 cases by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local government guidelines. Also, we are consulting with a pediatrician on our board of directors to ensure the safety of students, staff and parents. The center is cleaned daily and goes through a deep cleaning every Friday.

I thank you for your continued support of the TraRon Kids and families we serve. Please consider helping today!


Ryane B. Nickens