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For more than two decades the Washington Highland community has experienced continued gun violence. This violence has had a devastating effect on the community, especially on the emotional and mental development of the children/youth that are living there. The Child Welfare League of America is among many groups who emphasize the emotional toll of violence on young children: 

“As suggested by the research, many children experience problems with violence and aggression because they lack nonviolent conflict-resolution skills. Much of this violence and aggression is further exacerbated by emotional overload from exposure to violence. Children and youth exposed to violence experience significant stress, and often struggle to identify and regulate their emotions, as a result of developmental impacts from their frequent exposure to trauma. Their emotions are often internalized and can later erupt in aggression and violence. (” 

The TraRon Center uses creative arts to help community members in impacted areas deal with the emotional and mental trauma of gun violence. Our creative arts summer camp and after school programs will focus on:

1. Providing children/youth in an high impacted community safe space;

2. Providing them with tools to best manage their emotions;

3. And to expose them to the world of creative arts. 

The summer camp and after school programs will operate at the Atlantic Garden apartment’s community center, a block from Hendley Elementary School, where many of the children attend school. This community’s struggle with gun violence is well known: WUSA channel 9 covered the ongoing gun violence and trauma it has caused the children in the community in a segment in November of 20171. And the Washington Post article dated March 25, 2016 gave voice to the community’s heartbreak and frustration with the ongoing violence.2 

Your financial support will provide a much needed direct service to a community that has been impacted by generational violence for decades. Please accept my gratitude for your donation toward this worthy cause.

All donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email

Yours in Service,

Ryane B. Nickens, M.DIV.

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Our vision is to provide a safe and sacred space for those affected by gun violence to heal.

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