ICART in the Field

Secure, Reliable Transportation for Field Work

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The International Center for Advanced Research and Training (ICART), a joint initiative between Panzi Foundation DRC, the Evangelical University in Africa (UAE), and the University of Michigan, ICART aims to improve research capacity at Panzi Hospital and Foundations by training physicians and staff on research methods, conducting ethical research on human subjects, management and analysis, scientific writing and presentations, and publication. Staff and faculty are gaining the skills necessary to become strong voices and leaders in the international research community, addressing the needs and future direction of DRC with data-driven, evidence-based recommendations for both the policy and philanthropic communities.

Our team is working hard to become the top regional research and training center in this region of Africa - but we need your help! Central to ICART's ability to collect and analyze quality data in the field is access to a safe and reliable method of transportation. Support our effort to purchase a jeep, and help us ensure that Congolese expert voices are at the forefront of the conversation!