Active Campaigns

Anti-Mining Campaign

ENGAGE is raising money to send 5 Thai delegates (mine-affected villagers and student activists) to attend a tour and international conference in Oaxaca, Mexico, focusing on mining resistance and the protection of basic human and environmental rights.

Past Campaigns

Until: 05/21/2017 12:00am

Build a Weaving Center for Radical Grandmas

In the mountain village of Na Nong Bong in Northeast Thailand, villagers have been fighting the environmental destruction caused by mining companies for over 10 years. To fund this grassroots anti-mining movement, Na Nong Bong’s community leaders -- the fearless village grandmas -- weave handmade scarves to sell at local markets. These resilient lady weavers, known as the Radical Grandma Collective, are currently raising money for a community center that will provide a workplace for weaving and a meeting place for the villagers to coordinate their activism. Our dollars will go a long way in Thailand, so we are helping the radical grandmas make their dream a reality. This ‘Social Fundraiser’ intends to amplify their movement through sharing their story of strength and creativity.

118 supporters $7,260 raised

Until: 12/31/2016 3:59pm

Fund the Alternative Agriculture Network!

Help the AAN change the exploitative contract farming system in Isaan! The AAN has already proposed a law for fair contracts and is now helping farmers get out of their unfair contracts with big companies (like CP) and start farming cooperatives on their own terms.

7 supporters $4,117 raised

Until: 12/31/2017 3:59pm

Grow the Roots Giving Circle

Our goal is to build a foundation of support that funds our Network Coordinator and provides a base for future campaigns. CIEE-Thailand and ENGAGE have contributed to the success of so many of our members as community activists working in diverse areas around the world. The skills we’ve learned from these programs are part of our roots. Give back to the network by providing a strong foundation for the next generation of ENGAGE members.

15 supporters $413.33 raised