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The AAN needs your support to improve the lives of contract farmers. 

The Alternative Agriculture Network in Northeast Thailand is a network of more than 3,000 farming households, devoted to small-scale, sustainable organic agriculture that supports the land and is fair to farmers and customers. They work to steer Thailand’s agricultural system away from exploitative contract farming, and ecologically harmful practices like mono-cropping and use of chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics. The AAN is also the political voice for farmers' rights in Thailand.  Members of the network support each other and share ideas and resources to help the growth of the entire community. 

Not just farmers... in addition to growing food, AAN members are also activists, researchers, and advocates.

Not just farmers: AAN members are also actvists, researchers, and advocates.

Currently, one of the AAN’s new and exciting projects is developing a cooperative of independent fish farmers. Thousands of fish farmers in Thailand are trapped in exploitative contracts with the massive multinational corporation CP, similar to Monsanto. These contracts not only take advantage of farmers financially– often leading to hundreds of thousand baht of debt– but also promote practices that are harmful to the river’s ecosystem. The cooperative aims to free fish farmers from the burden of contract farming and put famers in charge of the whole production cycle, everything from raising the baby fish, developing their own organic food, and creating an alternative market. As a network of independent fish farmers, they can ensure that their small scale, self-sufficient practice is sustainable, fair, and healthy. The fish farming cooperative is just one of many projects changing the lives of  farmers living in northeast Thailand!

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"Collaboration and supporting each other will help create a new community from traditional society. This new community is what the world needs right now." –Ubon Yoowah

Unfortunately, the AAN operates on an extremely limited budget, and has lost government funding, so it needs donations to maintain the initiatives that are crucial to the livelihood of its members. The Thai government does not support organizations which have a goal of being run by and for the people, so the AAN must raise funds independently. While they work tirelessly to change government policy to support their mission of sustainable agriculture, the AAN needs funds to continue working towards their goals and help the thousands of hard-working families involved.

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Every donation counts. Give today! 

ENGAGE has a history of successful collaborations with the AAN, most notably The Jasmine Rice Tour, and many ENGAGE members have exchanged with the AAN and been mentored by its members. Now is the time to show your support for our friends striving to bring justice to Isaan farmers. A small donation will go a long way toward supporting members of the AAN, so any amount you can give is incredibly appreciated.

Thank you!