Stories of Bravery: Improv theatre workshop

All-ages Playback Theatre season kickoff workshop

Join Brave Practice Playback Theatre Collective for our 2023-24 season kickoff workshop: Stories of Bravery

An all ages improv theatre workshop focused on community-building, leadership, and learning how to use theatre for social change.

What does bravery mean to you? When have you practiced bravery in your everyday life, in big and small ways? How can you cultivate the vulnerability necessary to do hard things like lead, learn, make mistakes, and maintain integrity and community accountability? Whether you are looking to practice courage on-stage or off, we're excited to listen deeply, share true stories, lean into community wisdom, and take some brave risks with you!

Brave Practice is a community resource for storytelling and deep listening. Founded in 2021 through Window Seat, we are a collective of theatre artists who use Playback Theatre and other theatre-based techniques to foster connection, inclusion, and belonging locally. We serve a beautiful, diverse, intergenerational, and multicultural community within and connected to the South Sound region. With us, you'll practice empathy, express yourself, collaborate with others, and explore your own gifts and potential. Become familiar with techniques in Playback Theatre, a kind of improv theatre where people share true moments from their lives and others play them back on the spot.

No previous theatre experience is necessary to participate! "All-ages" is inclusive of community members who can actively participate and benefit from this experience in a community setting. We cannot provide childcare during this experience, however, the children's room at ASHHO is a resource. Email us if you have wonderings about yourself or someone you are considering registering, with their consent.

This is the first in a series of workshops we will offer with ASHHO. Keep an eye out for upcoming dates with sessions throughout the school year for middle schoolers, high schoolers, young adults, and intergenerational groups.


This workshop is supported by an Arts in Education grant from ArtsWA, with the goal of enriching local arts offerings and accessible community programming. Community donations are gladly accepted to support the continuation of this program. We encourage those who are able to make a contribution to support our ability to make this offering accessible to all. 

Please register ahead of time if you are able so that we can determine how much food is needed. 

Questions? Accommodation requests? Email


More about Window Seat Media

Our mission is to use oral history and storytelling to spark conversation, connection, and social change in the South Sound and beyond. We are a local nonprofit in Olympia, WA committed to gathering people together to share stories that have been forgotten, silenced, or ignored throughout history. Oral history and personal narrative are at the center of our work. We experiment with many formats. Since 2016, we have worked alongside service providers, activists, organizers, and artists to tell nuanced and inclusive stories—people’s histories—of who we are in this homeplace. Through live storytelling, theatre, community conversations, artistic collaborations, podcasts, film screenings, and exhibits, we amplify local knowledge, share powerful stories and ideas, and ask what is possible. We believe the future is written with the stories we narrate, and we want to co-create a more inclusive, connected, and just world. We envision a local community that honors, seeks out, and is shaped by the many histories, identities, and stories that reflect the people we are in this place.

More about ASHHO Cultural Community Center

‍ASHHO’s Mission/Acronyms:

  • Advocate for survivors, communities of color, under-served, marginalized people.
  • Serve our communities with kindness, compassion, and professional services
  • Honor Humanity in all that we do because all people matter
  • Organize community resources, education, gatherings, trainings & events.

ASHHO means to instruct or call someone to “COME JOIN” in the Bengali language from Bangladesh where Khurshida and Rubel are from. Chef Khurshida Begum is the founder and visionary behind ASHHO, where everyone can have access to inspirational programs and services that focus on real-life skills, cultural and identity exploration, and connections.