May Community Storytelling Circle

Building Bridges with 梁霖Lin Crowley

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Join us for May’s Community Storytelling Circle featuring 梁霖Lin Crowley (she/her), local educator, community-builder, Chinese-American, and first-generation immigrant. Lin will share a bit of her personal background and life’s work building bridges in our community. We will gather to listen to Lin’s story, and move into breakout rooms to reflect on moments of building bridges in our own lives. How can we build bridges with one another instead of assuming the worst intentions? How can we make room for one another in the same community? 

This event honors Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, as well as the ongoing contributions of Asian Pacific Americans in our community every day.

TUESDAY, May 24, 6:30 - 8 p.m. *Sliding scale ($0-$100). To maintain a community experience, we will not admit latecomers into the zoom room after 7 p.m.

Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email that includes the event zoom link. Please email with any questions. Looking forward to being in community with you on May 24th!



This virtual series highlights the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives from within our community. Each month, we feature a guest narrator who brings to light a new perspective of who we are in the South Sound. Participants will collectively listen to the narrator's story via a short live stoyelling experience, performance, audio or visual media, poetry, podcast, interview, or art piece. We will pose a prompting question based on the story and invite community members to respond by sharing their own stories in facilitated small group conversations. The purpose of community storytelling circles is to create opportunities for community dialogue and civic engagement where folks can feel a sense of belonging and connection.


We value equity and accessibility in our programming, balanced with the need to honor the actual value of the skills and services being offered. That's why we're offering a large sliding scale of pricing ($0-$100) at these events! If folks who have an abundance and can pay a little more do, it will empower others to pay a little less when they need to. The outcome? Everyone will be able to attend. The actual cost of producing this event is about $20/person. Ticket sales support event costs such as facilitator honorariums, staff time, and speaker fees. We appreciate all donations, both large and small.

We couldn't do this work without you and we love being in community with YOU!