March Community Storytelling Circle

"Keep your 'kwaylons' open," storytelling with Harvest Moon, Indigenous Woman Storyteller

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Join us for an event honoring Women's History Month: "Keep your 'kwaylons' open," storytelling with Harvest Moon, Indigenous Woman Storyteller. "Kwaylon" means "ears" in Quinault.

Sunday, March 20, 2 - 3:30 pm PST

We will listen in community to Harvest Moon sing and tell the story of How Otter Brought the Water. Harvest will share a bit about where the story came from and her experience as an Indigenous Woman Storyteller. We will then reflect and share our own stories in breakout rooms inspired by the question: When was a time in your life when you “kept your kwaylons open,” or not? Perhaps it's a moment where you acted or reacted like one of the characters in Harvest’s story.


(Photo credit: Molley Gillispie for The Third Thirty project)

This virtual series highlights the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives from within our community. Each month, we feature a guest narrator who brings to light a new perspective of who we are in the South Sound. Participants will collectively listen to the narrator's story via short live performance, audio or visual media, poetry, podcast, interview, or art piece. We will pose a prompting question based on the story and invite community members to respond by sharing their own stories in facilitated small group conversations. The purpose of community storytelling circles is to create opportunities for community dialogue and civic engagement where folks can feel a sense of belonging and connection.

*A note about pricing: Window Seat Media balances our value for equity and accessibility with our need to honor the actual value of the skills and services being offered. To this end, we have made the decision to offer a large sliding scale of pricing ($0-$100) at all our events, with the hopes that the folks who can pay more, do, and the folks who must pay less, are able to without any barrier. The actual cost of producing this event is about $20/person. Ticket sales support event costs such as facilitator honorariums, staff time, and speaker fees. We appreciate all donations, both large and small. We couldn't do this work without you and we love being in community with YOU!