Community Oral History in the Classroom

A virtual Clock Hour offering for Washington State educators

This is a 2-session virtual in-service offering for educator clock hours

  • Session 1: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 from 4 - 7pm
  • Session 2: Wednesday, May 3, 2023 from 4 - 7pm

Participants must enroll in the first session to take the second session. Community members are also welcome to register for the entire training.

‍Number of clock hours being offered

6 (for both sessions)

Cost: Sliding scale $0 to $500, suggested price $125

We balance our value for equity and accessibility in our programming with the need to honor the actual costs of skills and services being offered. That's why we're offering a large sliding scale of pricing ($0-$500, suggested price $125) for this offering! If folks who have an abundance and can pay a little more do, it will empower others to pay a little less when they need to. The outcome? Everyone will be able to attend.

Course objectives

Goal: Educators gain oral history skills to be able to facilitate a community-based interviewing process and storytelling project in their classrooms.

Objectives for educators

  • Understand oral history, theory, methods, and ethics with an emphasis on community-centric oral history practices
  • Practice deep listening and oral history interviewing skills 
  • Gain knowledge and skills in accessible recording tools and technology for oral history interviewing
  • Explore sample student projects and create a draft plan for their own classroom
  • Practice creating a collaborative learning environment

Objectives for students (6-12 grade age range)

  • Understand that educators are all around - that family members, community members, and peers are knowledge-holders and teachers
  • Spark curiosity in self and others and how our stories connect in community
  • Learn deep listening and interviewing skills and technology 
  • Share learning with family and school community through creative products 
  • Students learn collective storytelling techniques for community narratives and deep listening.

This offering aligns with the Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion standards for all Washington State educators. See event page for more information.