Rotary Club of Tacoma South

Henry T. Schatz Boys & Girls Club Van Campaign

The Rotary Club of Tacoma South is teaming up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound to raise $45,000 to purchase a 10-passenger van for the Henry T. Schatz Branch in South Tacoma. A construction truck hit the Club’s van, totaling the vehicle, and the insurance reimbursement was nowhere near enough to replace it. So we are committing to finding partners who can help return a van for this Club’s work!

  • More than 200 kids a year will have access to experience community service opportunities, trips to higher education institutions, and enrichment field trips.
  • The van is a part of providing a positive place to avoid crime and drug activity.
  • Field trips include visits to post-secondary institutions where kids learn that there are opportunities for them to succeed after they graduate from high school.
  • The van is used to take kids to intramural sports their families often cannot afford on their own.

Van Project Budget:

Ford Transit 350 Wagon XL                        $35,767

            - Oxford White

            - Manual

            - Air conditioning

            - Cruise control

            - Rear view camera

            - V6 engine

License and Fees                                       $375

Tax                                                               $3,505

Rotary and BGC Logo/Design                 $1,000

Insurance                                                   $3,000

Maintenance Fund (5 yrs)                       $4,500

Dealer Rebate                                         -$2,500

Total Cost:                                              $45, 647