Yesler Site Activation and Purchase

While we negotiate terms to bring the purchase price down to a more equitable offer, help us raise the necessary capital to purchase and develop the Keiro property.

“After tremendous community pressure, predatory developer Shelter Holdings agreed to divest from the Yesler Family/Kiero Site. Together, we stopped A FULL BLOCK of predatory development in the heart of the Central Area.

Shelter Holdings offered to sell the property to the community at-cost—for approximately $13,000,000.00. This marks a small step towards forward, but that number is entirely too high.

In the current global reckoning of racial inequality, it is important to reflect on systems and the individual choices that we make every day to uphold these systems. Working towards a new normal rooted in equity, we need bold, drastic, and innovative change moving forward.

So, while we negotiate terms to bring that number down, help us raise the necessary capital to purchase and activate the site. We need to not only DIVEST from predatory practices but also INVEST to bring about real equity in our community. Help make this a movement, not a moment, and make individual choices towards achieving equity.

#PayTheFee #FreetheLand #EquityNow