Kilung Foundation


Services & Impact

    The Kilung Foundation was founded in 1998 to support the work of H.E. Dza Kilung Tulku Jigme Rinpoche, the fifth incarnation of H.H. Jigme Ngotsar Gyatso, an enlightened yogi in the Longchen Nyingtig lineage. During the Cultural Revolution, a time when Buddhist practices were forbidden and dangerous, Rinpoche was taught in secret in a yak hair tent and lived the life of a nomad child in Dzachuka, East Tibet (Kham). As a teenager, Rinpoche completed the traditional Three Year Retreat and then began his life's work of restoring the Kilung Monastery and preserving the Tibetan spiritual traditions and nomad culture of his community.
    Dating from 1770, the Kilung Monastery has been a great center of learning and practice. As head of Kilung Monastery, Rinpoche is working through the Kilung Foundation to rebuild and reinvigorate the region and its indigenous Tibetan culture, which have sustained Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and produced many enlightened masters through the centuries. Working with tribal leaders and government officials to ensure that projects are locally initiated, the Kilung Foundation supports worthy and compassionate enterprises that benefit the people, animals and land of Dzachuka.

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