Bread and Roses Homes

Help Homes First Purchase Two Homes for Our Community

After 35 years of serving the poor, homeless and marginalized of Thurston County, Bread & Roses is closing its doors. Bread and Roses has served the community in many different ways since it was founded in 1982, by volunteers from the Catholic Worker tradition. The original house on 8th Ave in Olympia, has been the heart of the organization from the beginning.  Along with the duplex added next door in 1987, it has provided shelter, respite and a welcoming home for hundreds of people through the years.

Bread & Roses is mostly remembered for the large soup kitchen and drop-in center; operated on Cherry Street until 2003.  This facility allowed many, many dedicated volunteers to cook and share meals with those living on the streets.

Bread and Roses had a long run and we are proud of their accomplishments. We are particularly pleased that the houses on 8th Ave will pass to Homes First for continued use as affordable housing for our low income neighbors. Homes First will purchase these two properties from Bread & Roses, thus insuring that they will remain in the housing market for those who need safe, healthy and affordable rental homes. 

As a locally-grown nonprofit, Homes First mission is committed to supporting those in our community who struggle most to find and remain in housing.  We believe everyone needs to be in a home to build a successful life and a successful community.