Wild Idea Book

The evolution of a seemingly audacious idea into a formidable force for good.

Thank you for celebrating and supporting the Whidbey Institute today!

Donate a suggested $30-$50 or more and receive a copy of "Wild Idea," a new book from Fritz Hull chronicling the 50-year evolution of the Chinook Learning Center, and now the Whidbey Institute, into a formidable force for good that can inspire our efforts for the next 50 years and beyond.

These times call upon us to embrace wild ideas, to seek profound and enduring changes within ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions. Whether you come as a program participant, a non-profit team crafting strategies, or a visitor exploring the trails or meditating in the Sanctuary, people seek this place for its tranquility, to connect with kindred spirits dedicated to purposeful action, and to leave revitalized and inspired to effect meaningful change.