Restoration & Renewal Retreats

Giving to COVID responders, BIPOC community organizers, and Climate response leaders

With your gift of a full or partial Restoration & Renewal Retreat, you support a Covid first responder, an essential worker, a BIPOC community organizer, or a worker on the front lines of climate impact with the gift of healing land, restorative spaces, and delicous and nutritious food. Your gift may support an educator, a grocery worker, an agricultural worker, a nurse or doctor, a BIPOC community organizer bringing anti-racism learning and system change to our communities; or a climate response leader, firefighter, or hurricane relief worker working on the front lines of climate impact. Each retreat costs $500, and brings one person to the land for four days and three nights of serenity, connection, and nourishment. 

The R&R Retreats start with Thursday dinner and end with Sunday lunch. During the retreat our guests walk the trails, visit the gardens, and find a rhythm that brings a deeper breath of vitality into their day. Chef Christyn will be serving her fabulous meals and can accomodate most dietary restrictions. 

Thanks to participants in our 2020 Gala who funded 20 Restoration & Renewal Retreats! Can you help us raise funds to provide 30 more, touching 50 lives this winter and spring? Donate $500 for a full retreat or donate what you can! Gifts of less than $500 will be combined to give a full retreat. 

Another great way to gift a retreat is to start a peer to peer campaign to raise $500 from family and friends. Click on the button on the top right and follow the prompts or contact for more information. 

We are working with organizations who support COVID first responders and essential workers, BIPOC community organizers, and climate response leaders to identify individuals who would most benefit from a retreat. If you know of an organzation we should be in touch with, please contact 

Thank you for your support! 

“My days on retreat at Whidbey institute were nourishing in every way: a place of complete quiet punctuated only by twitters of sparrows and quail, and the soft hoo-ing of Great Horned Owls at night!”

—Jean M