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Your gift will sponsor transformative programs so they can keep prices accessible for participants and help new programs get a start.

While we saw more programs returning or joining us for the first time in 2022, groups were smaller and, like most organizations, we saw our costs increase. Next year, we anticipate returning to pre-Covid levels of earned income. As we approach the end of a third (and hopefully final) impactful year, we find ourselves in continued need of your support for this place we all love.

Over the life of the Whidbey Institute, program leaders have adapted to meet the needs of the world. At times, we create programs of our own or we partner with program leaders to incubate new programs. At other times, we invite leading edge program leaders looking for a home for their existing work. Throughout these 50 years, we continue to steward this place, invite the community to have conversations about what they care most about, and explore ways to co-create our future.

What your gift supports

By sponsoring programs you help us keep our prices below market level to keep an experience at the Whidbey Institute available to diverse communities and when a participant asks for support we will have the funds available.

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Will you support us today to continue the legacy of the Whidbey Institute as a place for those called by the responsibility and transformative potential of these times?

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