Spend 24-hours with COMPASSION!

hear stories ⁓ be challenged ⁓ leave inspired

Starting on the west coast of the United States at 5 pm Pacific time, August 14, we'll begin the first segment with music by Nimo Patel, Daniel Nahmoud, Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah and end with a Techno-concert online House Concert with some of big names in the field.

We will then make our way to Japan, New Zealand and Australia and continue west as we go to India, Pakistan, Middle East, Africa, Europe and then swing back to the US, ending at 5pm PT on August 15.

You'll meet Charter partners, city organizers, mayors, public figures and neighbors who are working to bring compassion to their local communities - in a variety of ways.

This is also a FUNDRAISER! The webithon will be free, but you'll have an opportunity to contribute when you register and again during the event.

There are several donation levels provided under "Get Tickets" If you'd like to donate a different amount, just get your free ticket then donate via the Donate button on this page. If you have any issues with your donation or questions, email Marcelle@CharterforCompassion.org.

Please help us to continue to offer quality learning opportunities, special compassion programs and conversations with those who light the world with compassion!