Basic Needs

Support the Foyer Coin des Cieux orphanage by helping to provide the most basic necessities.

What a year for Foyer Coin des Cieux and Pathways to English! We have begun construction on the vocational school next to the orphanage. Excitingly, each child passed their end-of-year exams, some finishing at the top of their class! An incredible accomplishment, as 30% of children in Haiti don't make it past 3rd grade. Each child is meeting weekly with one or more mentors and is making great progress in their English and academics. The oldest boys are taking weekly piano lesson via Zoom each week. The children will also begin science lessons at the start of next year! 


While the childrens’ futures are bright, none of this is possible without their basic needs being met first. Unfortunately, political turmoil in Haiti continues. As a result, prices for food and necessities have increased tremendously. It is becoming challenging to ensure that the basic needs of the orphanage are covered as the prices have increased. 


Join us this year to support the Foyer Coin des Cieux orphanage to help fulfill this year's fundamental needs. Some of these needs include food, water, and hygiene products. If you would like to make this a monthly contribution, just select "Become a sustaining, monthly contributor". 


We feel humbled each year as so many people have come together to help these children and the community of Saint-Marc, Haiti. As always, thank you so much!