4word: Bay Area Silicon Valley February Gathering - "Making Decisions with Spiritual Confidence"

with Liz Ditty, Author of GOD’s MANY VOICES

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It’s hard to hear God’s voice in the constant clamor of life, and while sometimes the divine whispers we hear are so quiet (and other voices so loud) it’s hard to know if the things we notice were even God speaking at all.

Author and Spiritual Director, Liz Ditty will lead us as we carve out an evening of quiet to listen for God’s voice in our life right now. What might He be saying to you?

We will consider healthy habits of noticing, what it looks like to live busy lives in the company of God, and how to determine if the signs, coincidences, or words we notice are from God or our own imagination. We’ll explore what it looks like to listen for God’s guidance through times of uncertainty and how His presence can give us peace in the decisions we make even when His voice seems silent.

Join us for an incredible opportunity to listen with one another.

Registration includes a light dinner.

Signed copies of Liz’s book, "GOD’s MANY VOICES: Learning to Listen | Expectant to Hear" will be available for purchase.