4word: Seattle May Gathering 2019

Proper boundaries aid Believers in keeping out worldly influences. Perhaps the most important boundary the Bible instructs us to have pertains to our beliefs. God has clearly instructed us to believe only His word, the things which He has told us are true, not things that contradict it. To stay on track, we need to place personal boundaries around what we believe, refusing to be seduced by worldly lies. We must place in our hearts a “fence” around the sacred truths given to us in the Bible.

4word: Seattle is a group of authentic, faithful professional women who attempt to live each day in the life circles God has graciously given with balance, grace, faithfulness, and impact.  We support each other through prayer, friendship, networking and encouragement as we each strive to achieve our God-given potential with confidence.

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Invite a friend and join us for another great discussion! We are looking forward to seeing you there!