4word: Seattle December Gathering 2018

Time for Reflection

As we prepare for a new year, December is always the perfect TIME FOR REFLECTION. And what a gift it is to be able to reflect! Growth comes not from experience, but rather from the learnings we gain by reflecting on experience.

Throughout the year, we have focused on different topics each month with the intention of helping us learn and grow in our lives, faith and relationships. I hope that as you've journeyed with your 4word sisters this year, you've received clarity, wisdom, and encouragement like I have! Looking back over the past year, I feel nothing but love and gratitude for all we've been able to share with each other, and accomplish together. It’s our mission to grow a global community of real, passionate, faithful women in the workplace who support and love one another as we navigate life together - I hope our gatherings have helped Seattle take a giant step toward that goal!

On December 6th, join us for our Holiday Potluck, Fun and Fellowship when we'll spend time REFLECTING so that we have clarity going forward into 2019:

1) PLEASE CLICK THE PURPLE BUTTON BELOW to “Register/Get Tickets”, and

2) Add your name next to the potluck item you will bring, USING THE LINK.

- Sharon Purcell, 4word: Seattle Leader