Senior Salute 2020

Support Williamson County Graduating Seniors

Since the Home Pages launched in 2009, we’ve been strong supporters of our high schools through our coverage of arts, academics and athletics. In our 10-plus years, we have never seen a senior class have to endure and overcome such an uncertain future. 

With canceled proms, celebrations and uncertain graduation ceremonies, we reached out to school leaders to see how we can help. We've proposed that one way to memorialize this year’s graduates is with a unique product that will curate and celebrate the year for each high school’s senior class.  

In the second edition of our magazine, Home Page Guide to Williamson County, we will include a 2020 Senior Salute. Each school will have four pages dedicated to their seniors. 

This crisis is hitting us all in different ways and we want to be respectful in what we ask of you, but we also recognize how important it is to provide ways for our community and our local businesses to connect today and when this crisis is a memory. Several companies have committed to support this project and we would like to ask you to as well. Let’s make this happen! 

We know there is value for local businesses to support this recognition, and we think there are other readers who may want to support it too. If you are a senior parent, an alumni parent, a business owner, or maybe just a compassionate person who feels for these seniors, we are offering an opportunity to support our schools. 

If you donate, your name will be listed on our website as a donor as well as on a thank you page in the magazine. Even though these are hard times and this magazine has a real hard cost, I believe we can come together and do this for the kids. It’s worth it!  

Contribution Suggestions: 

Want to contribute any amount? Under contribute, select contribute with no gift option to give any amount! 


  • Includes your name on our thank you page. 


  • Sponsor 1 page for a specific school.
  • Your logo on 1 school page
  • Your name or business name on our print thank you page

$500  LOVE YOUR SCHOOL x 2!  

  • Sponsor 2 pages for a specific school. 
  • Your logo on 2 school pages   
  • Your name or business name on our print thank you page


  • Support all 4 pages for the senior class of a specific school
  • Logo on all 4 pages.
  • Your name or business name on our print and digital thank you page.
  • All seniors receive a copy mailed to their home.