Amputee Associates Matching Gift Challenge!

Amputee Associates is matching funds to ABR for the month of September, 2019

Update: We have exceeded the $5,500 match from Amputee Associates but we're not done yet! A generous donor has provided an additional $4,000 in matching funds, bringing the total matching amount to $9,500.

Amputee Associates has partnered with our friends at Amputee Blade Runners (ABR) and from now until September 30th, Amputee Associates will match up to $5,500 DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR the amount raised to help support the amazing work of ABR.

ABR provides FREE running/sports legs to active amputees like Hannah (pictured below). She was born with a congenital condition which led to amputation of both feet when she was three years old. Her family struggled to find prostheses that worked well for her needs.

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Hannah loves dance, gymnastics, and has a smile that lights up the room. Hannah and her parents found out about Amputee Blade Runners thru NubAbility Athletics. At first, her mother was unsure if running blades would prove useful for Hannah. In the end, she applied, Hannah was approved, and quickly showed all she needed were feet that allowed her to run. Hannah is now 12 years old and runs multiple races a year. Earlier this year she ran her first sub-30 minute 5K and set a course record at the Adaptive Sports USA Junior National's track event this summer. Hannah is also growing rapidly and has needed new sockets to accommodate her changing legs. Amputee Blade Runners provides continuing support so Hannah will not have to stop running.Image title