Rolling Up Our Sleeves

Keep the SOIL staff safe and healthy with new uniforms!

Despite billions of dollars spent on sanitation interventions, two thirds of the global population continues to suffer from the lack of access to safe sanitation and the environment continues to suffer from pollution and lack of nutrients. 

SOIL is working to create a revolutionary globally-replicable model for providing safe, low-cost ecological waste treatment services that is restorative by intention.  We beleive that SOIL's work in Haiti can lead the way to ensuring that a safe, dignified, sustainable sanitation system is accessible to all Haitians – and all those living in impoverished communities around the world. 

Our two composting waste treatment facilities currently transform over 20,000 gallons of human waste into organic, agricultural-grade compost every year. Over the coming year SOIL hopes to double waste treatment capacity and begin developing a business plan that we can share widely in order to encourage others to replicate our success.

While we work on this exciting dream to solve the global sanitation crisis, we also need to ensure that those of us who work at these facilities safe. Over the next few months we need to make a large investment in upgrading our employee uniforms and safety equipment, and we need your help!