Pump It Up!

Help SOIL get a water pumps for our composting waste treatment facility!

SOIL is working to create a globally replicable model for providing safe, low-cost ecological waste treatment services. Our two waste treatment facilities currently transform human waste into more than 120,000 gallons of safe, organic, agriculture-grade compost each year.

Why This is Important

Many attempts to solve the world's sanitation crisis focus only on the provision of toilets and neglect waste treatment. But a toilet without a waste treatment system is just a means for displacing a problem, cleaning up one local environment while polluting another. As a result, the wastes of 4.2 billion people in the world are dumped directly into waterways or sit in underground reservoirs where they often leach into groundwater.

And where waste treatment systems do exist, the processes for disposing of wastes also dispose of valuable nutrients, instead of harvesting them for reuse.Despite billions of dollars spent on sanitation interventions, two thirds of the global population continues to suffer from the lack of access to safe sanitation and the environment continues to suffer from pollution and lack of nutrients.

You Can Help

Because SOIL capitalizes on ecological processes in our waste treatment process, we're able to treat thousands of gallons of waste every month at minimal cost. Nonetheless, as our EkoLakay project scales up, we have more and more waste to treat every month and this means we have A LOT of buckets to clean. Help us install two new water pumps at our waste treatment facilities so that we can continue to expand the EkoLakay project across Haiti!