Keeping the Lights On!

SOIL needs new batteries to capture all the energy from our solar panels!

In November 2013, the SOIL team in Cap-Haitien moved into a beautiful new office that they built themselves for less than $55,000. By helping us avoid expensive urban rentals, this move helps us lower our overhead costs even lower than they are already, and therefore this move enabled us to to devote a larger percentage of our budget to the impactful sanitation, agriculture, and education programs that we live for.

And did we mention that its solar-powered? 

Thanks to generous support from the Meyer and Esther Mazor Foundation and NRG, solar energy powers the entire facility, including the pumps that serve water to the office and irrigate the fields.

Our happy, humming ecologically-friendly office has been visited by people throughout the north as an example of affordable, green architecture utilizing the best in low-cost environmental design. 

Keep the lights on

All the energy from our solar panels is stored in batteries and then slowly used by the team to power our laptops and keep the lights on. We've been noticing that the long days the SOIL team has been working has been a major draw on our electrical supply, and we need 10 new batteries to keep our lights on for the full work day. Can you help us?