Sponsor a Seat in the Grace Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Sponsor a Seat!

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Show your support for the Watchdog Legacy Project and sponsor a new theater seat in the Grace Kennedy Center for Performing Arts! Your generous donation will be used to support the Watchdog Legacy Project. Seat naming is a wonderful gift for theater and performing art lovers and a lasting tribute to a family member or loved one.

Seats are limited . . .get yours before it's too late!

As a seat donor, you will receive:

- Your name or the name of a loved one engraved on a plate that will be permanently affixed to the theater seat.
- Your seat sponsorship is a donation to the Beresford School District and is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
- Engraving is limited to two lines, 50 characters total, including spaces.
- Please note: Seat name recognition does not guarantee that you will be seated in that particular seat when you purchase a ticket to a performance.

*Tax Exemption: *The Beresford School District is a political subdivision of the State of South Dakota and qualifies as an IRC 170( c ) (1) organization. Voluntary contributions to the District are charitable contributions. An IRS 4076C letter is available upon request.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Watchdog Legacy Project, the Beresford School District and our community!