"Live at Five" is created by writers, actors, filmmakers, and community media producers from greater Thurston County, WA. The show is a creative collaboration between Thurston Community Media and OlyFilm. 

There are two performances with two different casts on Saturday, December 2nd:

  • At 3:00 pm, our alternate cast will present the show for a studio audience.     This show will be recorded.

            Cast B: Bethany Canchola, Meghan Goodman, Andrew Stashefsky,

            Mary Jo Strain, Twana Beedle, Liam Sandall, Charles McDonald,

            Heather Christopher, Melissa Ashleigh, Rob Duran, Michael Christopher,             Karen Longo, Giovanni Strain, Michael Tobias, Brian Graff, Kyndal Meister,             John Grossman, Nikki Hammonds, John Scott 


  • At 5:00 PM, our main cast takes the stage for a LIVE cablecast and webcast. The 5:00 pm show will be aired on TCTV Channel 77 and 22 on the Comcast Cable System in Thurston County and streamed on the internet at www.tcmedia.org. 

            Cast A:  Andrea Weston-Smart, John Grossman, Brian Graff,

            LaShawnda Jones, Kaitlyn French, Isla Morgan, Michael Tobias,

            Meghan Goodman, Nikki Hammonds, Jeff Kean, Charles McDonlald,             Bethany Canchola, Nicholas Taylor, Kyndal Meister, John Scott,

            Michael Christoper, Heather Christopher, Ziggy Norberg, Melissa Ashleigh

You can be part of our studio audience. Get your tickets today. 

Seating is limited.