GLOFest 2019

Transforming the lives of women and girls in rural Uganda

Guiding Light Orphans (GLO) is holding a fundraising event with the goal to build and equip a Vocational Training Center which will improve the lives of Women and Girls with economic opportunities in Masindi, Uganda.

The gala’s focus and theme this year revolves around Transforming the Lives of Women and Girls in Uganda. GLO feels strongly about providing entrepreneurial skills through Vocational Enterprise Training (VET) for women and girls who live in extreme poverty. Your attendance and contribution will allow us to:

  • Open a Vocational Training Center
  • Teach income-generating, entrepreneurial skills and provide mentorship
  • Help women and girls in rural Uganda strengthen and sustain their families’ through microeconomic empowerment.

We also have sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Benefits

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