FEBRUARY - Intro to Yoga for the Voice

Yoga for the Voice

Join us for monthly 30-minute yogic breathing exercises which will provide centering, increase your lunch strength and improve your vocal capacity. These sessions will occur over Zoom on the last Sunday of each month at 11am. 

gfire (instructor) is a professional singer-songwriter, folk-tronica music producer, and voice/piano/folk guitar/songwriting teacher based in Austin, Texas. By incorporating the  kundalini yoga and yogic breathing exercises she learned as a kundalini yoga instructor into her singing practice, gfire developed a Yoga for that Voice that allows her students advance their progress in controlling their vocal instruments. Yoga for the Voice provides improvements in health, speaking voice, and helps keep the sinuses free and clear, so that performers have better mastery of their vocal instrument.  

For more information go to our website www.hmbshakespeare.com