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Sadly, for many of the young people in Trenton, NO is what they face every day, directly and indirectly. They’re told they’re not good enough, that possibilities reside elsewhere and that they need to accept that open doors are not for them.

NO is unacceptable! We ask for your continued support because together we can ensure each one of our Trenton youth hears the word YES loud and clear!                                                         

Because you said YES with your prior financial support, the Harry Potter Reading Club was created and helped 23 children discover the joy and power of reading this year. And it’s not just Harry Potter. All students read carefully chosen books EVERY day because the ability to read is essential to learning. 

But with just a startling 37% of students in Trenton reading at grade level, so much more must be done. Will you again say YES with a gift today and help to double the number of children who will discover the joy and power of reading?

Did you know the US Census reports that only 11% of Trenton residents have a college degree? Together we say YES by supporting five college students through the StreetLeader Scholarship Fund -- two juniors and three freshmen. With your financial support, we can continue to nurture our students and show them an open door to a bright future.

Help us reach targeted youth in priority areas such as East Trenton. Gifts from the East Trenton Collaborative and others have provided a great start, enabling the hire of an additional StreetLeader Director. Our goal is triple the students employed as StreetLeaders by May 2020, and by saying YES, you can help make this possible.

In 2020 we will celebrate ten years of serving Trenton. This is possible because of the steadfast support of friends like you and we are deeply grateful. You have made an impact and enabled us to grow and make a positive difference for young people. You have said YES when it was most needed.

Can we count on you to once again say YES to the children and teens of Trenton? Your investment in them today will have a lasting effect on their future and the future of Trenton. You can help our young people reach their true potential when you say YES.

And from all of us at UPT-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Melissa Mantz

Executive Director

If you want to mail a check to us, please make check to:

UrbanPromise Trenton

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