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Helius is a Durham-based entrepreneurial consulting company specializing in small businesses and Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs (NDEs). NDEs are individuals who are unable to find traditional, living wage employment. These reasons can range from job seekers being long-time veterans, single parents with limited available hours, people with minor criminal records, or individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds who lack the social networks needed to find well-paying jobs. These individuals create work for themselves through entrepreneurship.

Among the entire entrepreneur group in the US, 15% are NDEs. These numbers are expected to increase by another 6.6% in the coming years.  And with Durham’s recent entrepreneurial explosion there are more NDEs than ever, many of whom will be left behind without assistance.

Helius has created a means to arm and protect these NDEs, who fight day in and day out to support themselves and their families. The Helius Mentorship Program will provide all of the services that a small business warrior needs in order to create a sustainable business that provides at least a living wage for themselves and their employees, all at NO COST to the NDEs.
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Helius provides free, full-service business consulting Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs.

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