Fund an UPstart

End of Year Campaign

Upturn Arts has always sought to uphold its mission of providing “Arts for All”. After the completion of our New Orleans Youth Alliance Equity Assessment, we found that there is still work to be done in order for Upturn Arts to provide equitable arts education to youth living in Central City and Greater New Orleans Area. Your investment will further our goal of providing young artists below the poverty line an UPstart! To adequately describe an UPstart, take a moment and remember a time as a child when you wanted to learn a new skill.  

What did you want to learn?  Who demonstrated this skill? What was your thought process? Did you have a goal in mind? Did you have any obstacles? What tools were necessary to reach your goals? For many young artists in the GNO area, these questions are unfathomable strictly because of the lack of accessibility to resources. 

Your donation eliminates the need and creates an opportunity for young artists who would not otherwise be able to. Upturn believes that it is our responsibility to bridge the systemic gaps where so many of our policies fall short. This is equity.

As 2022 comes to an end, please consider donating to Upturn Arts and support Upstarts in the New Orleans community.