Ride New Orleans 2017 Holiday Campaign

2017 Year End Fundraising Push

We have big plans for better bus, streetcar, and ferry service in 2018! 

But to make sure we’ve got the resources we need to do the job, we’re making a final year-end fundraising push. We’d like to raise $3,000 more before January 1 to secure a few key pieces in our 2018 plans.

Will you help us get started with a $250, $100, $50, or $10 year-end contribution? 

In the next year, we’ll be working on several important projects that will help to make New Orleans transit more reliable, frequent, and equitable.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Making sure the new Mayor and Council prioritize the new RTA strategic transit plan
  • Securing better regional transit connections - especially along Jefferson Highway and Veterans Boulevard and in the West Bank
  • Winning faster travel times on key lines - especially the lines designated for high capacity/high frequency transit in the strategic transit plan
  • Expanding our rider-led organizing arm, the Coalition for Quality Transit. 

Securing an extra $3,000 won’t guarantee success everywhere, but it will make a big difference for a small, but effective organization like Ride New Orleans! 

Most importantly, it will support our budget for key supplemental items like printed materials, paid summer fellowships, and venue and food costs for more organizing event in different neighborhoods throughout our city. 

Thank you for your consideration!