Marigny Opera House Foundation Annual Appeal 2019

This is Our Home

The Marigny Opera House is Home. To New Orleans' performing artists. To local community groups. And to the people who are inspired by our performances and support our vision.

In just seven years this old church has been transformed into one of the great cultural centers of one of the world’s great cultural cities. All it took was a lot of hard work, and a lot of generous people who shared a vision for this place.


During our first year we were closed down, re-opened, closed down and reopened. Seven years ago we didn’t have heat, air-conditioning or water. There were no curtains and no theatre lighting. Our dance company didn’t have a dance floor.


Today we have all those things, and much more. And our vision is stronger and clearer than ever. 


I’d like to ask you to keep it going this year by supporting our work.


In the past year more than 130 artists performed here. There were 93 performances, most of them donation-based and free to the public. 


The Opera House is home of the city’s resident dance company, Marigny Opera Ballet. The dancers rehearse here every day and perform here every season, from October through March.


And the Ballet company is just part of what we do. Last year we hosted performances by OperaCreole, New Orleans Chamber Orchestra, New Orleans Chamber Players, Krewe de Voix, Tennessee Williams Theatre Company, and some of the city’s finest jazz artists.  


The Marigny Opera House also hosted weekly 12-Step Meetings, annual meetings for local non-profits, and community memorial services – including the service in honor of Mr. Okra, the beloved New Orleans personality, which was attended by nearly 2000 people.


Here’s what your donations will do in the coming year:


A new season of premieres by the Marigny Opera Ballet, all to live music:

• Midsummer Night’s Dream – with commissioned score for orchestra and chorus by local composer Tucker Fuller

• The New Orleans premiere of iconic choreographer Paul Taylor’s masterpiece: Aureole

• A holiday program with jazz carols by local composer/pianist Larry Sieberth

• The return of Follies of 1915 – with period music performed by New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra


The Ballet is just a part of what we will be offering. We’re planning another 93 performances for the year: jazz, classical music, recitals, theatre, contemporary dance. And we are organizing plans now for the possibility of artist residencies and a music festival.


Please donate what you can to make all of this happen here in New Orleans. I believe you will be proud of us, and proud of the wonderful home of the arts you’ve made possible.

Marigny Opera Ballet Audience 2019

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