Marigny Opera House Annual Appeal 2023

Please help support New Orleans-based performing artists

Since saving the abandoned Holy Trinity Church in the Faubourg Marigny, New Orleans, we have helped to support hundreds of local performing artists, composers, diretors, technicians, and costume designers. The Opera House is a thriving venue, and a landmark in the New Orleans arts world. 

Thanks to you.

We rely heavily upon gifts from supporters, since almost all of our performances are donation-based. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. And we present music, dance and theatre of all genres, from jazz to ballet to theatre.

We also produce a full season of contemporary ballet each year. The award-winning Marigny Opera Ballet will perform its 10th season, beginning in October. The company employs 10 local dancers, choreographers, local musicians, tech director, wardrobe director, ballet master and company manager. Although we sell tickets to these performances, the box office only contributes around 33% of the costs involved. The rest is covered by grants and donations.

Every dollar we get makes a difference. The donations pay for our very small staff, hundreds of artists, and upkeep on the Opera House building.

The lifeblood of New Orleans is our artists. Please do what you can to keep the Opera House going for the next ten years!