Diaper Need Awareness 2018-2019

Helping families from the bottom up

Without diapers, babies cannot attend childcare or participate in early childhood education. Without childcare, mothers cannot go to school or work to further their education and provide for their families. Educated women and stable families are critical to solving the larger, systemic problems facing Metropolitan New Orleans.

  • Infants require up to 12 diapers per day, and toddlers need about eight.
  • Disposable diapers cost up to $100 per month per baby.
  • Despite being a basic hygiene need, diapers are not covered by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – formerly “food stamps”) or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). They are classified with cigarettes, alcohol, and pet food as disallowed purchases.
  • Almost 30% of low-income women with children in diapers can’t afford an adequate supply of them, forcing many families to make one or two diapers last the whole day.
  • Lack of diapers has a profound and complex impact on families, including health risks like rashes and urinary tract infections for children and mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression for parents and children.
  • Low income families are also likely to not have private laundry facilities meaning cloth diapering is not an option for them.