Hello Fans and Supporters,

The Baton Rouge Blues Foundation has launched the Fillin' the Blues campaign for the Baton Rouge Blues Festival's rainy day fund.

Since returning in 2008 after a 12-year hiatus, the Baton Rouge Blues Festival has grown exponentially, especially in the past five years. It has increased its number of performing artists by 500%, from eight performances in 2010 to 45 in 2016, and increased its attendance by 300%. Keeping the momentum is critical to expanding the festival and making it a destination for performers and attendees alike, while shining a spotlight on the cultural heritage of Baton Rouge.

The festival brings to the world the best in blues, R&B, soul, gospel, rock & roll, and more, and celebrates the great blues culture of Baton Rouge and our region. Through the contribution of its many partners and volunteers, we are able to keep the festival free to the public.

The foundation is dedicated to keeping the festival -- and the blues -- alive in Baton Rouge. Ensure the festival's continued success by investing in the city's rich blues heritage. Remember, every dollar helps!

Thank you,

The Baton Rouge Blues Foundation Board of Directors