Support the NAARPR 50ᵗʰ Anniversary Conference

We will use this conference to hone in and focus on organizing ourselves to meet all the challenges we face at this moment and future ones.

In 1973, the National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (NAARPR) was formed to free Angela Davis and all political prisoners.  Chapters flourished across the country and fought against racism, repression of workers' rights, and mass incarceration. 50 years later, the Alliance, its branches, and affiliate organizations have continued to organize and mobilize thousands in the fight against police violence and political repression across the country.

The Alliance has worked to oppose increased police budgets and pushed for that money to be put towards meeting the demands of the people, continued to fight for and free the wrongly incarcerated, and advanced the struggle for community control of the police across the country. In Chicago, we have fought for and won local and citywide bodies for civilian oversight that gives us a pathway to community control of the police. CAARPR then organized pro-accountability candidates to win the majority of Council seats in 14 of Chicago's 22 local Police Districts in the February 28th, 2023 elections. The lessons from Chicago are a historic advance in which our people have fought for and won the democratic demand to determine how our communities are policed, where the community has a decisive voice.

If ever there was ever a time to defend and extend the democratic rights of the people to organize and protest, that time is now and that is precisely why we have called for and must build this National Conference, to consolidate our organizational gains as well as make plans for further expansion and political sharpening among our ranks. Organizing the conference will take a lot of work and resources—to do outreach, provide food, print materials and supplies, and other event and coordination expenses. 

We are therefore asking our allies and supporters to contribute to this moment of history and resistance.  Please give what you can to help us keep organizing this conference. No amount is too small. We are grateful for your contribution.

Register to become part of the third biannuanal Conference for the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (November 3rd-5th, in Chicago):

All Power to the People!