Love Missions Global Hurricane Relief Project

Help Us Assist Displaced Hurricane Victims.

Many have contacted Love Missions from all over the country to ask what they can do to join in and help us serve displaced hurricane victims. We want to give you opportunities to help.

We have seen in the past that most people want to assist when they see others that have lost their home or belongings to a natural disaster, but they have no idea where to start.

You can start here by contributing to the work that we have ahead of us. We will return hope and dignity to those that have been displaced through food, water, clothing and Hygiene Bags.

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Can you imagine what it must be like to be called to evacuate because of an approaching hurricane?

You pack up what you think you and your family will need for a couple of days and eventually the storm passes, but when you return to your home you find total devastation from wind or water? You don't even own a toothbrush, your baby girl only has the one toy that she took to the shelter, and it isn't safe to dig through what is left in the house because of mud and mold.

Help us help others. Contribute now!