MPP Emergency Fund

Announcing our Matching Campaign:

ALL gifts now through Saturday, May 30 will be matched up to $6,500!

Your giving will support the museum and all of our programming during this time, including our upcoming LIVE Concert with Noel Kharman on May 30.

Because of the closure (10 weeks at this point!), we are without revenue from admissions, events, visitors donations and our gift shop, but we continue to maintain our artworks, staff, artifacts, and facility. With this in mind, we are creating an emergency fund during this time of need to enable us to keep in business in these uncertain times. 

Your support will enable us to continue being a Palestinian Landmark for art, culture, and history in our nation’s capital. We are continuing  to engage new audiences in this conversation without borders and will reopen when the crisis has passed.

Your gift of any amount is an affirmation to keep this Palestinian Landmark in Washington DC. Thank you very much for being part of the museum’s community.

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