Barnardsville — Sun Song

Song Circle • Parenting Sex and Race Workshop

Sound of Rest Tour: Uplifting the Voices of the Unrested

June 30 | 6 PM to 8:30 PM | Sound of Rest Song Circle

July 1 | 10 AM to 4 PM | Parenting Sex and Race with an Antiracism Lens 

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Sound of Rest Song Circle

June 30 | 6 PM to 8:30 PM

Sound of Rest Song Circle is a song meditation centering black voices uplifted to interrupt the trauma story of Unrested Labor. This is an opportunity for us to be in prayerful meditation and a slowing down of what it means to absorb a collective commitment to supporting folks that have been navigating the state of being Unrested in their resource gathering.

This is a mixed space event, both people of the global majority and allies are welcome. The meditation will support holistic thinking on how to make resource gathering happen in a rested state in communities that have historically had to fight for survival. The event will also help break down what it means to be an ally, a key supporter, an anchor person, and a disruptor of the Unrested Labor trauma story, not just this weekend, or this month, but as a part of a life practice.

Unrested Labor is the acknowledgement of the slavery and post slavery exploitation of black labor that is often unvalued, untracked, and unsupported. Generations of black bodied people have been at the bottom of capitalism tiers to the benefit of those at the top. Unrested Labor is recognizing the work of people of the global majority that have labored for countless hours with no rest, often while required to be at a high level of performance with a low level of nourishment.

*Children are welcome at the song circle!

 Parenting Sex Ed with Antiracism Lens Workshop

July 1|10 AM to 4 PM

Parenting is one of the most important types of activism we do, right in our living rooms, raising children. Children’s education can play a critical role in ending racism and systemic oppression. This workshop and/or deep dive is about asking questions of ourselves as parents and encouraging our children to ask questions of the world around them. Because the purchasing, selling, and commoditization of the sexual energy of black bodies is a part of American history, the long term impact of those trauma stories should be acknowledged and held as a part of sex education curriculum. In Aaron’s experience, a sex education program that does not include a deep analysis of the lynching of black people is incomplete.

We will wrestle with the questions:

—When do I talk about race with my children? What should I say? Will I traumatize my child?

—How do I create my own questions for myself, my partners or community, and my children around this critical topic?

—How do I prepare the next generation of white children to be anti-racist?

—How can we talk about touch, consent, and sexual education with our children in a way that includes race?

—What is the link between lynching and sex education of both children who are white or of the global majority?

COVID-19 Check-in

Masking in indoor settings is preferred; performers/facilitators will be unmasked after rapid testing prior to the event. Masks are optional in outdoor settings. 

Lunch Break

Our lunch break is one hour long for the workshop. Food will not be provided at the venue; please bring a lunch.

Sun Song Community 

Sun Song Community is a 20-acre land-based center dedicated to heart-centered community life, tending the soil and growing food, and connection to the Earth. Sun Song is a private residential community which regularly opens to the public with song-circles, workshops, elder councils, rituals, and small gatherings. Events are held outside and there is a large pole barn for us to gather in if it rains.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is a facilitator, public speaker, and touch activist. As co-founder of both Holistic Resistance and Grief to Action, Aaron takes the time to hold the stories of black people around internalized racism and those that are Chronically UnderTouched. Because oppression is a part of American culture, the impact of lineage stories should be held as a map for our collective healing. Aaron reaches for that healing through song, meditation, and earth grounding.

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