HRPT: Black Men's Workshop

A workshop for black men to support each other in community.

HRPT: Black Men's Workshop 

Sunday | November 26, 2023 | 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
  • This is an in-person event.
  • This event is free, but please register for a ticket so we can save your seat!
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This Black Men’s Workshop is for black men to support each other in community. This support group is about being human with each other and remembering that the trauma of America does not have to shape how WE interact. Being Chronically UnderTouched, under-seen, and under-heard is not a coincidence; navigating the Black Brute archetype in mainstream culture has an effect on our nervous system and how we connect and relate.  Together, we will work toward dismantling hurts and trauma stories around belonging, vulnerability and hearing each other right where we are.

We support “village thinking” and understand what it might look like to feel connected in community and dismantle previous stories shaped by American history in carnage. We’re seeking tender connection and openness for conversations that are hard to have in today’s mainstream culture. 

We will take on and discuss many topics and ask many questions. Here are some examples:

  • What does it mean to be a father in this day and time?
  • What is a father to you?
  • What are the types of questions that make us feel fearful to ask?
  • What does it mean to be close and supportive? 
  • Where do we go to grieve?

**If you’re able, bring a picture of a father, parent, or mentor with you. 

We want to remember that we are GOOD Black Men. We will be sharing wisdom and magic, honoring all of our talents at every level.

Let us sing, chant, meditate, and rest in community.



Featuring Aaron Johnson:Image title

Aaron Johnson is a facilitator, public speaker, and touch specialist working to identify and interrupt barriers between people. As co-founder of both Holistic Resistance and Grief to Action, Aaron takes the time to hold the stories of black people around homophobia, transphobia, internalized racism, and those that are Chronically UnderTouched. Because oppression is a part of historical and present American culture, the long-term impact of those trauma stories should be acknowledged and held as a map for our collective healing. Aaron Johnson practices and invites various methods of moving through these stories, such as the communal listening ear, sound healing, meditation, and closeness to the earth.

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COVID-19 Check-in

Workshop Location: Masking is optional for the workshop; however, we ask that those who would like to be mask-free rapid test beforehand. 

*If you are feeling unwell the day of the workshop or have had a Covid exposure, please do not attend. Thank you!

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