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Mercy House, the 501(C)(3) homeless advocacy organization hired by the City of Dana Point to identify and assess the needs of homeless individuals in our City, presented two major findings at the Homeless Task Force meeting on October 25, 2017:

  • 64 Homeless people have been identified by name in Dana Point.  17 of those can be rapidly re-housed with immediate funding assistance.  Mercy House estimated one time cost: $144,000.

  • The rest of the current population needs long term supportive care and access to counseling, mental and physical health assistance, etc.  Price tag for permanent supportive housing - $680,000 per year. This will be an ongoing annual cost for those who cannot hold jobs or otherwise take care of themselves.

Residents are concerned about sanitary and health hazards, an uptick in petty crime, and a myriad of quality of life issues affecting not only the homeless individuals, but all of us who live in Dana Point.  Countless residents have been angered and upset by this growing and complex issue and have complained that something has to be done.  While city, County, State and even Federal governments, along with homeless advocacy agencies and charities have the responsibility of ultimately solving these problems, the solutions are taking years.  There IS something we can do as residents right now.  It won’t by any means solve the whole problem, but it’s a positive channel for our frustration and one small thing we can all do to help those who are willing to accept help.  


1.) Make a one-time donation of $100 (or more) to Mercy House to Rapidly Rehouse a homeless person living on the streets of Dana Point.

2.) Make a donation of $68 (or more) to place a chronically homeless person on the streets of Dana Point into Permanent Supportive Housing.

Roughly 1/3 of Dana Point’s population (10,000 people) can fund the estimated $680,000 needed annually to house the 46 people assessed to need permanent housing.  Note that 12 of these people have been rehoused to date but they and 34 others need ongoing annual support.

3.) Take the Pledge:  This second PSH group represents the most vulnerable of our homeless population who can’t take care of themselves.  These needs are ongoing, so if you are able, please state “Annual Pledge” on your check to indicate that you will pledge annual support at this level. 

4.) Click the "Contribute" button - "Contribute with no gift option"  to make another size donation. All donations, large or small, will help support the work being done to end the homelessness of those living on the streets of Dana Point.


  • Mercy House will keep a separate fund record for DP RRH and DP PSH funding. 
  • Funds will be directed to housing costs for the specific 64 named homeless persons and will be paid directly to lessors and vendors – never to the homeless themselves.
  • Where possible, funds may also be spent to repatriate willing homeless individuals back to their home towns where they may have access to support.  Again, funds will be paid directly for bus tickets, etc. and will not be paid directly to homeless individuals.
  • Mercy House will coordinate with local agencies like Family Assistance Ministry and others as appropriate with the end goal of finding affordable housing for DP homeless.
  • An itemized accounting of funds collected and spent will be given to the City of Dana Point Homeless Task Force chairman only.  Names will be redacted in any public documents to protect the privacy of donors and homeless individuals.

Donations are 100% deductible under IRS code 501(C)(3), EIM 33-0315864. Mercy House will provide each donor with a tax receipt by mail or email.