Walk, Hike, Go! SuMa Nepal

Around the World for Sunsar Maya

About This Event:

On September 15th, Sunsar Maya students will be hiking in Nepal as part of the global "Walk, Hike, Go! Around the World for Sunsar Maya" fundraiser. CLICK THE "CONTRIBUTE" BUTTON TO THE RIGHT TO SUPPORT THEIR HIKE, OR SHARE THIS EVENT WITH THE HASHTAGS #WalkHikeGo and #SuMa. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

What is "Walk, Hike, Go!"? 

Walk, Hike, Go! is a 48-hour fundraiser for Sunsar Maya on September 15th-16th in locations around the world! Groups of friends will gather to raise awareness and funds for Sunsar Maya. All kinds of activities are welcome: a hike up a nearby peak, a stroll through a local park, a bike ride to your favorite bars–whatever fun you can come up with!

We have events taking place all over the world! See our global events here: https://www.sunsarmaya.org/2018walkhikego/

What is Sunsar Maya?

Sunsar Maya builds pathways out of poverty by improving the livelihoods of vulnerable children and women through holistic, community-based services.  We currently operate two community centeres in Nepal, where we provide an after-school program for youth ages 3-18, a women's literacy program, and trainings for rural teachers. Our goal is to provide our students with the academic, emotional, and physical support they need to lift themselves out of poverty and find long-term happiness and success in life. 

How can I help?

Click the "Contribute" button to the right sign up and donate any amount to support the kids of Sunsar Maya. Every dollar helps! You can even start your own campaign and host a fundraiser or hike event. Last, you can follow us for future updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Look for event images or share your own with the hashtags #WalkHikeGo and #SuMa.

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