Sunsar Maya

Providing hope through education


Services & Impact

Sunsar Maya builds pathways out of poverty by improving the livelihoods of vulnerable children and women through holistic, community-based services.  Working in Kathmandu, with a strong network of collaborators, service providers, and local stakeholders, Sunsar Maya operates out of multi-function community centers and currently includes: an after-school tutoring and enrichment program for orphaned and endangered children; women’s literacy classes that build reading, math, and life skills; and a library and computer lab resource center. These services make up a multi-pronged and sustainable approach to addressing both the short- and long-term needs of a population that suffers from severe social and economic barriers. In addition, our teacher training program provides much-needed resources for educators in the rural villages of Nepal.

Our goal is to create a community that breaks the cycle of poverty by investing in and supporting the well-being and success of its most vulnerable members.

To learn more about our students, our programs, and our approach, please visit our website.

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